«The value of a video security solution is never defined by its price, but solely by its quality and its economics.»

Dieter Dallmeier, Founder & CEO

About Dallmeier

Dallmeier: Turn images into assets. With pioneering video technology from Germany.

In 1984, Founder & CEO Dieter Dallmeier founded what is now Dallmeier electronic – not in the proverbial garage, but in a garden shed in Regensburg, Germany. Today, the company, which can justifiably call itself a hidden champion for video information technology «Made in Germany», has several hundred employees worldwide, more than 250 of them at the company headquarters in the centre of Regensburg alone.

Our customers: From commercial enterprises to World Cup stadiums
Dallmeier’s camera, recording, software, and analysis solutions optimise security and processes for B2B end customers in a wide range of industries in over 60 countries. The focus is on users from the casino, smart city, airports, logistics, stadiums, and industrial sectors. But also, banks, critical infrastructure facilities as well as medium-sized companies from all sectors.

Low total cost of ownership «Made in Germany»
With pioneering innovations, Dallmeier has succeeded time and again in placing itself at the forefront of technology: From the world’s first digital image storage system with motion analysis in 1992, the patented «multifocal sensor technology» Panomera® with its «Mountera®» mounting system, to the latest Domera® camera family, which allows up to 300 camera variants with only 18 components. These and many other innovations provide real, tangible customer benefits. And with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a high Return on Investment (ROI) they can easily compete with systems produced and supplied from low-wage countries.

Cybersecurity, data protection and ethical responsibility through maximum vertical integration
With 100% «Made in Germany», we also guarantee our customers the highest standards in data protection, cybersecurity, and ethical responsibility. With high quality and short supply chains, we also ensure – almost incidentally – sustainability and environmental protection. From our prestigious headquarters in the centre of Regensburg, Dallmeier not only carries out its own research and development but also the complete manufacturing process – from component to product to solution.


Maximum security at minimum cost.

Dallmeier offers a wide range of solutions for many neuralgic areas of airport operations: from video surveillance for the security area to systems for apron and runway monitoring all the way to the optimisation of business processes through video-based data acquisition.

At the epicentre of this is Dallmeier´s Panomera® Multifocal-Sensor camera technology, which enables the coverage of very large spatial areas with significantly lower infrastructure and operating costs than was previously possible at airports.

In a flexible, modular approach Dallmeier solutions are created by combining camera- and recording-systems with specific modules of the Dallmeier HEMISPHERE® software platform. This ensures utmost customer satisfaction with maximum cost efficiency.

The Royal Flush for your Casino.

Dallmeier has planned and realised the biggest real-time IP systems in casinos worldwide. Dallmeier Smart Casino Solutions combine the leading Panomera® Mulitfocal-Sensor technology with recording and software modules to increase overall casino efficiency in a wide variety of applications — from gaming to surveillance to marketing optimisation and more.

More security and better processes – with lower overall costs

Dallmeier’s high-performance IP video solutions help to improve both security and processes in industrial companies. In terms of security, Dallmeier Panomera® systems are superior to all other solutions when it comes to covering large areas and long distances with as few cameras as possible.

Analysis & AI
Modern, VCA- and AI-based analysis techniques also make it possible to extract data cost-effectively and efficiently, even from complex contexts, which are then available for process optimisation. The possibilities range from object classifications and counts to the measurement of packages and the reduction of false alarms in perimeter protection through AI-based process analysis.

Quality In — Quality Out
Customers can only count on good results if the quality of the recorded data is right and can be defined in the planning phase. With the Dallmeier Multifocal sensor technology, the image quality can be precisely defined over the entire area during planning — depending on whether, for example, at least 62, 125 or 250 pixels/m are required for an analysis application.

More Transparency. Better Processes.

The logistics industry is facing enormous changes due to digital technologies, the intelligent use of which in many cases is the prerequisite for decisive competitive advantages.

Dallmeier’s modular solutions allow the integration and further processing of video-generated data in a wide variety of existing systems. This enables logistics companies to achieve a wide range of economic advantages.

Safer City. Better Life.

Technical development in the Safe City area is currently undergoing a period of enormous change: Conventional video security technology is evolving inexorably into an all-round tool.

With Panomera®-based solutions from Dallmeier, urban authorities have the capability to safeguard even very large public areas with significantly lower infrastructure and operating costs than was previously possible in public area solutions.

In a flexible, modular approach Dallmeier solutions are created by combining camera- and recording-systems with specific modules of the Dallmeier HEMISPHERE® software platform. This ensures utmost customer satisfaction with maximum cost efficiency.

Less Infrastructure. More safety.

Many of the world’s largest stadiums rely on Dallmeier stadium solutions — from grandstand security to software-based support for emergency forces.

The patented Panomera® multifocal sensor technology requires only a fraction of the number of camera systems required within conventional solutions. This reduces the cost for planningimplementation, infrastructure and operations many times over and increases the efficiency of the operators.

The permanent coverage of large spatial areas with precisely definable minimum resolution density in all image areas ensures events are recorded and observed at all times. 

In combination with the modules of the Dallmeier HEMISPHERE® software platform and Dallmeier recording systems, solutions are available to stadium operators that enable significantly simplified and more user-friendly operation of the systems — for satisfied fans and a safe stadium — at a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


Which Panomera® will be yours?

Various Panomera® models are available depending on the application area: Whether they are intended to cover large areas, broad expanses, long distances or smaller, complex coverage areas. pecial systems have also been developed specifically for stadiums or airport runways, for example.

Did you know? Panomera systems can also be easily integrated into video management systems from other manufacturers.

Panomera® S Series

Acquisition of huge areas with consistent depth of field

Panomera® W Series

Optimized for the acquisition of a complete half-space

Panomera® S Series Specials

Efficient acquisition of very distant areas

Panomera® S Series Extensions

Smart extensions with remote control over the network

Single-Sensor at its best.

The Dallmeier surveillance cameras have been developed specifically for security applications and are characterised by the highest image quality and a high dynamic range. The result: Dallmeier IP cameras offer the highest colour fidelity and richness of detail, while the bit rate still remains low, undeniably major benefits for the use in a professional and reliable video security system.

Did you know? Dallmeier cameras can also be easily integrated into video management software from other manufacturers.

It does not always have to be Panomera®. Dallmeier customers also benefit from a comprehensive repertoire of single sensor cameras.

Dome Cameras

For numerous applications, especially for installation in walls and ceilings.

Box Cameras

Compact and optimized for versatile use.

Fisheye Cameras

For all-round vision with highest resolution.

PTZ Cameras

For an exact view of the detail – with maximum resolution.

Small Size. Big Performance.

Small formfactor IP cameras can do more and more. With the Dallmeier Picoline Series 5050, users from a wide range of industries can now benefit from a system that provides 5 MP in a very small enclosure.

Intelligent functions increase image quality and reliability, provide privacy and cyber-security and ensure that nothing is lost. The cameras can be operated with Dallmeier Video Management Systems (VMS) or with any ONVIF-compatible software.


Since Dallmeier invented the world’s first video sensor with digital image memory in 1992, our recording solutions have been leading the industry. The Dallmeier recording technology around the SMAVIA Recording Server Software offers the right solution for every application:

  • The VideoNetBox III for small to medium-sized environments
  • The IPS 10000 and DMS 2400 (Standalone) for medium and large environments
  • The IPS 10000 system for the highest demands in large environments
  • The VM version as a virtual machine for ESXi hypervisor, on Dallmeier servers or for customer’s own server environments

Dallmeier recorders can also be easily used with cameras and software from other manufacturers.

Software Platform for Security and Business

Flexible solution design through platform approach.

With «HEMISPHERE®«, customers from a wide variety of industries can select exactly the modules they need for their application from a «building block» of video management, data management and front-end applications and put them together individually. Together with the Dallmeier camera and recording systems, you can put together precisely targeted and cost-optimised solutions for your industry.

The modules are organised in solution suites and can be combined with each other as required, as they are all based on the same backbone server system.

Modular Concept — which application meets your requirements?

Big Brother? Not with Dallmeier.

Video security systems must comply with the country-specific and other national data protection regulations, such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Products and solutions from Dallmeier have the highest level of technical precautions with which customers can implement video security solutions that comply with data protection regulations.

Below you will find information material on the Dallmeier solution approach and the latest official documents of the data protection authorities, such the guidelines on processing of personal data through video devices.

Is Your Camera Phoning Home?

The ever-increasing demands on data protection and data security place a great responsibility on customers: they must ensure that their data is secured internally and externally against unauthorised access, manipulation and loss. In addition, the video systems must also be seamlessly integrated into the company’s cybersecurity strategy so that they cannot be exploited via a gateway.

Below you find information material on the Dallmeier solution approach as well as practical assistance in implementing a cybersecure video security solution.

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