By combining our own OpenScape communication platforms and strategic partner offerings including Unify Office by RingCentral and Cloud Contact Center powered by CXone, we help enterprises to work from anywhere using best-in-class communication, contact center and collaboration tools.

About Unify

Atos Unify solutions enable organizations of all sizes to transform the way they collaborate, creating a more connected and productive workforce which can dramatically improve team performance, individual engagement and business efficiency.

The Atos Unify portfolio provides a full complement of unified communications and collaboration solutions, from fully integrated software-based applications to the global services that implement and manage them — with the capacity to deliver it all to you worldwide.

Here are four ways Atos Unify can help you – right now:

  • Migrate your communications infrastructure flexibly and cost-effectively – we provide the most elegant and logical path to the Cloud
  • Overlay and integrate next-generation team collaboration on any existing infrastructure – your investments are never stranded
  • Reduce the cost and simplify the operation of your communications infrastructure, while improving user adoption and satisfaction
  • Create a more agile, collaborative and productive workforce that can work and communicate anywhere

The Atos Unify portfolio is inspired by the workplace of the future. We are working now to develop the tools and platforms that enable tomorrow’s workers and organizations to not only survive, but truly thrive. We invite you to take the next step with Atos Unify solutions.

Atos Unify – a strategic part of Atos group

Atos Unify is the family name for remote and distributed work offerings and solutions from Atos group

UCC is circa €1B
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Innovative solutions tailored to Industries

Innovative solutions and services addressing the specific industrial needs of knowledge workers, frontline workers and shop floor workers – digitally transforming their workplaces in the office, at home or in any specific vertical business environment. Through our Industry Clouds we deliver resilient, secure and complaint solutions with flexible deployment choices and we orchestrate our customer’s IT and business application landscape.

In times of change – effective communications have never been more critical

The digital world is fast upon us, the Energy & Utility industry faces new challenges and opportunities: sustaining resources, climate change, smart operations, and more demanding and connected customers. Communications is a critical factor in responding to those challenges.

You need to be always on, always ready. Keep your channels of communications open – with customers, regulators, employees, even mechanical and electronic systems.

Resilient, personalized communication has never been more important

Whether you’re creating meaningful customer interactions or providing teams with the right tools to collaborate and engage, knowing you’ve invested in the right communication foundation can make all the difference

Stay informed and decisive around the clock—and around the world. Manage customers, colleagues, analysts and your trades, all at the same time.

Streamline clinical workflow. Enable better patient care.

Meet the challenges of healthcare information sharing, collaboration and efficiency. Unify can help you get there with streamlined processes, a mobilized staff and an improved patient experience.

Are you ready for an industrial revolution?

What if you could better contain costs while reducing time to market? Help teams collaborate across the globe as intimately as across the table? Minimize production interruptions, and respond instantly to crises? What if customers really knew you heard them?

Relentlessly innovate, drive quality, manage supply chains, keep workers safe, protect the bottom line. And listen. Always listen. We give you collaboration tools to make it happen.

Smart, Sustainable and Safe Living and Working

Empower citizens and employees to be mobile, to facilitate decision-making and enable them to react swiftly to urgent events. Implement new connected services and solutions to improve customer experience, use a human-centric approach, improve opportunities for distance learning and ensure safety and security in different scenarios.

Connect with the public across every channel and empower your employees to be mobile, facilitate decision-making and enable swift responses to urgent events.

Digital era has impacted few industries more than Retail

The internet as a platform and digital enabler has significantly impacted consumer buying behaviour and shifted the emphasis from the product to the experience. Communications play a significant part of that experience.

Communicating with your Customers in the way they want for a great customer experience.

Living, working, learning in a new digital area

Impacted by changing consumer needs and behaviors as well as societal and environmental concerns, the Telecom, Media and Technology industries are constantly shifting.

Providing your clients and their customers, with highly scalable solutions and hyper-personalized experiences that transform the way people live, learn, work and communicate.

On time delivery

Whether its people or products its all about getting them from A to B on time. However, in a complex world where so many factors can impact your ability to deliver, assessing the risks and keeping everyone informed are important capabilities. An effective communications platform is essential.

Keeping your Customers informed of the status of their product delivery or service in a way that enhances their experience.


Unified communications and collaboration tools to provide customers with seamless solutions for their entire digital portfolio

Atos Unify’s solutions provide organizations with communications tools to foster rich and meaningful conversations across channels, platforms and media for a mobile, real-time and collaborative way to work.

With cloud at the center, we deliver a seamless, secure UCaaS experience with solutions that unify multiple voice, video and data networks, connected devices and applications into one easy-to-use platform that allows teams to collaborate securely, effectively and efficiently – anytime, anywhere. The result is a transformation of how the enterprise communicates and collaborates that amplifies collective effort, energizes the business, improves employee satisfaction and enhances business performance.

Discover how to unleash the potential of your virtual teams

As a stand-alone or networked voice application or integrated with other communications applications, Atos Unify OpenScape combines carrier-grade reliability, security and massive scalability with the features your enterprise needs.

Deliver secure and scalable communications with our comprehensive suite of software-based UC platforms for any IT, voice and application environment.

How productive are your virtual teams?

The tools your teams use to collaborate must provide them with fast access to the right people on the first attempt, regardless of where they are, what device they use or what network they are on.

We created Atos Unify OpenScape Applications to empower your teams with the right set of communications capabilities to stay connected, responsive, and collaborate seamlessly within and beyond your organization.

Make your teams unstoppable

Choose from a broad range of desktop, mobile and soft phone clients that feature industry-leading engineering and cost-efficient network management.

Engage with customers. Build your organization

Customers have more influence and control over needs fulfillment than ever before. How well you know them, support them and value them is critically important to organization success.

Atos Unify OpenScape Business accelerates your business while reducing IT complexity and operating costs.

Improve your performance and take your business to the next level with Unified Communications.

We bring knowledge workers, frontline workers and lone workers together by orchestrating the communication landscape for their unique needs

We bring knowledge workers, frontline workers and lone workers together by orchestrating the communication landscape for their unique needs.

Enabling your digital transformation

Whether you need traditional service support for your enterprise communications or a guiding hand to transform what you have today into a solution that delivers enhances your business processes to bring added value to your business – we’re here to help.

Anywhere Communications

Contact us for more information about Unify or visit unify.com